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Sweet Butta Xai
United States

Not Gonna Lie - That Ain't COOL

Journal Entry: Wed Jun 9, 2010, 7:11 PM

I just gotta say, after watching my friend :icondatabank: deal with his personal characters that actually have some meaning to HIM get snatched by some dopey derpy 18 year olds on that damn MMO/Chat/Fuckfest/THING known as Furcadia for some whacked out role-plays...

It ain't cool.

These chicks (the two offenders were female) think its SO COOL and they're SO PROUD of these characters which were never theirs in the first place.

Its not that hard to make up the concepts they did (kitsune. NOT ROCKET SCIENCE) and put upon these already established ones. They didn't need to take artwork myself and so many others (many of whom I admire greatly, so I'm doubly PO'd) have done for this man.

He didn't pay out for them to do that. He paid out for himself and to support artists like myself so we can eat, or pay our stupid cellphone bills or just survive.

Its not cool to take commissioned artwork and go buck-wild with it when there are shit tons of artists out there on FA/DA/Gaia/wherever who will gladly put out for you for the wonderful price of FREE or INGAME currency/items. Or hell, there are communities on Live Journal like where if the free artists are too busy, you can get wonderful artwork on the cheap there. Nothing over the price of $10. Its like going to but for art!

But hell, if you must. If you -must- just grab a character of someone else and run with it. Why not just pay out for the rights of characters pre-generated -for you-? Use the service run by Ellen Million Graphics, there are artists on there who will most likely service you (minds out of the gutter folks). Consider the consequences:

= The holder of the Intellectual Rights will come after you.
= The holders of the Copyright for the art will come after you.
= You'll be banned from whatever site and/or service you are using because in their ToS/ToU, impersonation is disallowed. See the following example of a section in's Terms of Use:
14.A.b (14. Additional Prohibited Uses A. In addition to all the above prohibitions, You agree that you will NOT knowingly use the Service, among other things, to: (b) impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent your affiliation with a person or entity;)
= In the wrong and most irresponsible of hands, you will get an internet lolcow angry at you for what you've done and they will send their horde of fanbrats after you and you will be soundly "trolled".
= Lastly, if you're identity is discovered, you just might be blackballed because really, you've already been proven untrustworthy with art so who's going to put out for you?

Respect the damn laws y'all. Respect people and their characters for they are personal and whatever spin you put upon them will most likely be insulting (looking at you BRITT).

Respect artists and the fact you were never in the equation when money changed hands for the service of commissioning the artwork.


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